Andy Rubin, Android’s architect, hands over to Sundar Pichai

March 18th, 2013 - 10:41 am ET by C. D.

Andy Rubin, creator and lead architect of Android, has handed over the role top Sundar Pichai – who is already in charge of Chrome.

A page is turning at Google: Andy Rubin, formerly the CEO of Danger and founder of the Android company purchased by Google to be used as the base for their mobile Android OS which is now the market leader on smartphones, has quit as the architect of the platform.

He was responsible for all evolutions of the mobile OS since its first days, and is largely behind the success that it has seen. Larry Page, CEO of Google, spoke of their first meeting in 2004 and his offer to build an open source mobile OS at a time when the search giant was adapting their services on a mobile by mobile basis.

Andy Rubin.He points out that since then, Android is now supported by more than 60 manufactures, with the OS activated on 750 million devices, while the Google Play portal has recorded more than 25 billion downloads from it.

Larry Page writes in his post that Andy Rubin has decided that it is time to hand over and work on new projects, although still within Google. Sundar Pichai will replace him in the role, taking this on in addition to overseeing Chrome OS.

He will have the big task of evolving Android while still conserving his role around Chrome, with this move possibly signalling that the two systems could merge in the future – something that was speculated on with the unveiling of Chrome OS.

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