Can hard drive inactivity power-down be set in NT4 server?

October 25th, 2009 - 08:27 am ET by NT Guy | Report spam
Usually I see this option when your right-click on the desktop and
select properties. Somethere around there (powersaving?) there will be
an option to power-down the hard drives after so many minutes of
inactivity. I don't see it on my nt4-server box. Can it be done?
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#6 Calvin
November 03rd, 2009 - 07:33 pm ET | Report spam
NT Guy wrote:
> So I still don't know if NT4 server has any native ability to perform
drive power-down based on inactivity.

Calvin seems to imply it does, but that it's not effective or realistic.

John John says NT doesn't have it - period.

We both are actually - you are reading a bit too much into what I said.
I was simply saying IF NT4 had HDD power management it would be ineffective.

John John is right, there certainly is NO native power management (of
any kind for ANY device) built into NT4 as distributed by Microsoft.

There certainly ARE 3rd party tools that can at least partially power
manage an NT4 machine. The most notable is a DPMS screen saver to
perform power management of the display system. It is also possible to
power manage the overall machine (most notably laptop systems) to some

In what you are talking about (a NT4 Server) however I would expect
attempting to power mange the HDD would be a formula for disaster. As I
have previously pointed out, some people used to power manage
peripherals using the BIOS power management capabilities. Microsoft
rightly point in the Knowledgebase I have previously cited that such
actions are VERY dangerous and certainly NOT recommended.

In all honestly, as far as your "power footprint" (and amount of heat
generated) is concerned, turning the HDD off would be barely noticeable
- the motherboard and other peripherals probably use 10+ times more
energy. A modern typical HDD uses 10W of power or less, the motherboard
is often 100W+

In direct answer to your original question, the power management
interface you were talking about (as part of desktop properties) was a
new "tab" added to the interface in windows 2000 - the power management
tab is absent in NT4.

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