How do I change "executed as" on sql jobs?

June 09th, 2008 - 09:13 am ET by fnadal via | Report spam
I've been consistently getting some strange errors such as: Unable to check
version on remote machine when executed by a domain/user account.

Our help desk said to change the owner of the job to 'sa' for the time being.
I've changed the job owner to 'sa' but it still executes the job as the
domain/user account. How do I change who executes the job?

What gives?

Thanks in advance!!

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#1 David Hay
June 09th, 2008 - 11:23 am ET | Report spam
The job owner is the context that the job is run as. I suggest
creating a domain user account that has the required privileges on
both machines. Then change SQL and SQL Agent to use that accounts to
start up with. The only other thing you can do is assign the job to a
domain user that has correct privileges on the remote box. I doubt SA
would do it as that is a SQL account only.

Google SQL Service Accounts

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