Patents: Eric Schmidt surprised that Apple hasn’t sued Google directly

December 06th, 2012 - 01:25 pm ET by C. D.

Apple is in an open war against the Android platform, having filed numerous lawsuits for patent violations against handset manufacturers, but never against the platform editor: Google. Eric Schmidt, Google’s president, is surprised.

Following Steve Jobs "thermonuclear war" declaration against the Android platform, numerous law suits have been opened by Apple against handset manufacturers, with the most visible being the list of against Samsung.

Despite the numerous actions already undertaken, the situation has evolved over time with decisions handed down in favour of both sides, balancing the situation with the exception of the decision handed down in a California court in July which was strongly in Apple’s favour.

In all of these cases, Apple has attacked the Android handset manufacturer but not the mobile platform developer, which is Google. This is despite the incriminating patents often relating to the interface or the functions provided in the OS.

Eric Schmidt, President of Google’s board of directors (and previous CEO of the company) stated he was surprised by this strategy when interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, finding it "extremely curious" that Apple hasn’t filed a law suit against Google.

Eric Schmidt CEO Google logo proAt the same time, he rejects the image, deformed by the media in his view, that the two companies are ready to go to war over the matter. Apple has of course removed some services previously provided by Google from their handsets, notably Google Maps, replaced by an internally developed solution (with all of the difficulties revealed here), and even YouTube, which is no longer present by default in iOS – something which disappoints Eric Schmidt.

Despite this, the CEO’s from both companies haven’t broken all communications and are continually discussion various projects and the consequences of the ongoing legal battles. This won’t prevent the patent war from continuing for the near future, but the negative effect that this situation brings will affect smaller companies more than these large groups.

Eric Schmidt states "There’s a young [Android co-founder] Andy Rubin trying to form a new version of Danger [the smartphone company Mr. Rubin co-founded before Android]. How is he or she going to be able to get the patent coverage necessary to offer version one of their product? That’s the real consequence of this."

Source : Apple Insider
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