Bitcasa: Unlimited cloud storage for 10 dollars per month

February 06th, 2013 - 09:10 am ET by Mathieu M.

Today is the first day that the final version of Bitcasa is available. The online storage service has until now been available as a Beta test, with reduced rates being offered to celebrate the launch.

bitcasa 1Launched in December, the Bitcasa platform has been spoken about a lot as it has provided a small revolution in the Cloud storage space.

The principle of Bitcasa is simple: offer unlimited online storage space at a low price. The prices offered during the beta test should last a while, costing $10 a month or $99 for a yearly subscription.

Bitcasa also provides users with 10 GB of free storage space to evaluate the service, so that they can then subscribe if they wish. The company is presenting this service as a replacement for external hard drives.

The service has so far lived up to its promises, with the transfer speeds being up to expectations. Compatible with iOS, Windows, Android, Mac, Windows RT or even directly from the Web, an application allows users to easily and simply manage their storage space.

bitcasa 2The service should quickly become competitive against large providers like Dropbox who, for a similar price, offers only 100 GB of storage space.

For the month of February Bitcasa is offering a one year subscription to their services for only $69 to celebrate the release of their final version. This offer should be attractive to users looking for large amounts of storage space with good bandwidth available.

Source : Bitcasa
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