Ubuntu 12.04 LTS: support extended to desktop

October 24th, 2011 - 02:53 pm ET by J. G.

Ubuntu 12.04 will be maintained in the long term, with desktop and server editions both to be supported for five years.

Ubuntu-LTSCanonical has made a tactical change. Stamped version 12.04, the next version of the Ubuntu distribution will be LTS (Long Term Support). This will be the fourth such release to benefit from long term support.

Traditionally, this support covers a period of three years for the workstation release and five years for the server edition, compared to 18 months for non-LTS versions. From April 2012, LTS will represent five years support for both desktop and server releases.

The first two years in the LTS period cover hardware updates (all new devices) and maintenance. These maintenance updates will then be followed by three more years.

For the official Ubuntu sponsor, this change in policy is a response to the "increasing demand" for the distribution on workstations in enterprise environments where " longer maintenance periods are the norm".

Mark Shuttleworth spoke about the plans for Ubuntu 12.04 last week including improved support for multiple monitors which could interest companies, in the same way smoothy upgrade from Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

It has to be wondered whether the Unity interface will be well received by enterprise. What they present is a current tendency though, including for Microsoft 8 and their Metro mode. Like Microsoft, Canonical is also promoting cloud computing.

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