Digitimes Research sees Android as market leader in 2011

December 03rd, 2010 - 03:09 am ET by C. D.

While Symbian is still seen as the global leader in the medium term, despite their market share being eaten away by the competition, analysts continue to shorten the estimated time it will take until Android takes the lead.

Android logo proWith more than 50% of the global market share two to three years ago, Symbian now faces heavy competition from emerging mobile platforms, starting with Android whose growth continues to accelerate quickly.

Despite Nokia’s efforts to demonstrate that Symbian, even transformed into an open source version, has everything required to hold out from the invaders, analysts are becoming more and more circumspect about the company’s prospects of maintaining their leadership in the medium term, or even short term.

Research group Digitimes Research believes that Android will control the greatest part of the market share by the end of 2011, holding a short lead over Symbian. For 2010 which is coming to an end, analysts estimate that Symbian’s market share is 35.5% while Android now controls 20.8%, placing them ahead of Research in Motion’s Blackberry OS (17.5%) and Apple’s iOS (16.8%).

And while a lot of analysts still give Symbian two to three years before being caught by Android, Digitimes Research believes that the relay could take effect in 2011, with Android to control 29.7% of the market compared to Symbian’s 28%.

Being leader isn’t everything… but it helps
Even if Nokia isn’t banking uniquely on Symbian to maintain their place in the Smartphone market (there is also MeeGo, although this is yet to prove itself), we clearly see that analysts are pessimistic about Symbian’s future, doubting in its ability to effectively battle the competition.

Having said this, percentages aren’t everything and we will have to see from where future Smartphone's sales growth comes from. Even in the loss of global market share, notably reduced by the success of other platforms, Symbian Smartphone sales have never been stronger.

But this can pose some other problems, like the attractiveness of the platform with developers. Having a large developer community capable of producing innovative applications is essential to the success of Smartphone’s and their corresponding platforms.

Source : Digitimes
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