0.facebook.com : Facebook free and optimised for mobiles

May 19th, 2010 - 09:10 am ET by J. G.

The social network Facebook has announced the launch of a site specially optimised for mobile phones. Allowing users to consult the site in text, access to this site will be free. The service has not yet been deployed to all countries, but these will be brought online in the near future.

0-facebook-logoFacebook officially counts more than 400 million users. Facebook Mobile, has also more than 100 million active users. Facebook is now looking to do even better, announcing the launch of 0.facebook.com, a new version of the site optimised for mobile phones which will be initially available in 45 countries via more than 50 carriers.

In the table below you will see that for the time being a lot of large countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and France are missing. Services are planned for these countries in the near future, with carrier agreements still being worked out.


With 0.facebook.com, Facebook is looking to provide users with all of the key functions available on the standard mobile interface of the social network (status updates, reading a news stream, commenting on a post, sending and receiving messages, writing on a friends wall... ), which means that users on relatively old telephones will also have access to the service. The service should be faster, as photos will not be displayed.

No photos for a free service
Viewing the site will essentially be done through text, with the service being free from any data transmission charges. While photos and videos won’t be displayed, these will be accessible, although the related Internet connection costs will affect users.

Facebook stated that "the use of 0.facebook.com is entirely free. Users will only pay data charges when they view photos or navigate to other mobile sites outside of 0.facebook.com. If this is attempted by the user, they will receive a confirmation message that they will have to agree to."


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