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Mobile games, October 2007

What has been happening in the world of mobile games in October 2007? Let’s take a look in pictures at this non exhaustive list for the month.

Mobile games, October 2007

November 02nd, 2007 - 11:30 am ET by C. D.

At Gemeloft, a French games maker for mobile phones, October was full of new releases. The company has a high production count, and exploits licenses so as to assure its growth. This has lead to records being broken every month and quarter.

In September we saw the arrival of Pop Superstar, a take off of the reality TV shows designed to create new pop stars and songs. With American Idol in full swing, the game allows you to try and become a singing star with different tasks that are tenacious and opportunistic.

Pop Superstar 4 Pop Superstar 5

But October really started for Gameloft with Heroes, the mobile game based on the series where each of the characters have special powers ad have to stop the destruction of New York. The mobile game allows you to play some of these characters (Hiro, Niki, Peter) and use their different powers (or even combined) to complete the 11 levels in 4 different environments.

Heroes 2 Heroes 1

Gameloft has also announced American Gangster, the official game for the Russel Crowe and Denzel Washington film which comes out on the 14th of November.

With 40 missions, the game offers the same intrigue as the film, taking place in Harlem in the 70’s it offers the player the role of a gangster, or a cop. Different missions are on offer and the chases take place in different cars.

American Gangster 3 American Gangster 2

The classic Blue Byte has also been transported to the mobile. The Settlers allow you to find the same atmosphere as that seen in the famous series, with a real emphasis being placed on the economy with the construction of buildings and resources that need to be exploited.

In this mobile version, it is possible to build different kinds of buildings while following a pre-defined scenario. The Settlers start on isolated island that requires development, before you discover that other people exist that aren’t always friendly…

Settlers 2 Settlers 1

Finally, and because there is something for all tastes, October saw the arrival of another exclusive adaptation: the game show numbers and letters, which has been successfully recreated here with the same camera angles as the television version and with its official dictionary.

You will find different challenges similar to those seen on TV, along with candidates that are motivated to become the new champion.

C et L 3 C et L 2

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