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May 11th, 2012 - 07:07 am ET by Business Wire

Want to know the cheapest way to get hold of the latest handset from Samsung – the Samsung Galaxy S3? Choose a giffgaff goodybag to get a better tariff than a long-term contract..

We’ve been patiently awaiting the release of Samsung’s new Samsung Galaxy S3 due to launch at the end of May. The handset, available now to pre-order can be purchased via a contract with monthly payments over a 24 month period from many network providers, but is there a cheaper way to get your hands on Samsung’s new flagship device. We’ve been looking at the cheapest way to get the Samsung Galaxy S 3, and are pretty sure, there’s a much cheaper way to purchase this device. With a monthly SIM-only giffgaff goodybag, it may be cheaper to purchase a brand-new handset outright, as opposed to tying yourself down to a 24 month contract with a major network provider.

For all customers who require flexibility and value, a giffgaff goodybag is an excellent way to make fabulous savings on Samsung Galaxy S3. With tariffs that offer 250 minutes, unlimited text messages, and unlimited data available for as little as £10, giffgaff provides excellent network coverage for a highly competitive price.

After 24 months, and including the initial cost of the phone, this giffgaff tariff will have cost you little over £700, as opposed to approximately £800 with Orange, 02 and Vodafone. If you find you’re not using your allowance, you can even drop to a £5 goodybag and save even more.

Aside from the savings, there are many other benefits associated with choosing a giffgaff goodybag.

Firstly, it is easy to control exactly how much you spend, as you can choose to update your tariff on a monthly basis, and if there’s a better tariff for you, giffgaff will tell you before you’re due to purchase your next goodybag. This flexibility enables you to quickly change the conditions of your goodybag depending on your call behaviour. With no contractual obligations, a giffgaff SIM deal will also not charge you a termination fee when you wish to end your monthly tariff.

So don’t lock yourself into an expensive 24 month contract, pop over to giffgaff and get some great deals whilst still enjoying the latest handsets.

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