Hopster: Access your sites without worrying

December 15th, 2012 - 05:50 pm ET by Emmanuel
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  • Hopster: Access your sites without worrying
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    • Size :  830.00 Ko
    • License :  Shareware
    • OS :  Windows Vista - Windows XP Home - Windows 2000 - Windows XP Pro
    • GNT Note :  4.0/5, 5 avis 
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Note : The proposed version of each software download is deliberately not specified, they are constantly changing. The download links point directly to the official website of the publisher who always bring the last version.

If you want to protect certain sites o certain windows, you will have to adjust, therefore, the parameters which do not allow you to access them. Keep your protection, set up a bypass.

hopster logoThe Hopster program is a precisely utility with you can have access to your sites of your trust, with the same level of protection. This program uses tunnelling in order to access the websites or instant messaging for instance, It is about a secret short cut which you will be able to create without deleting your firewall action.


hopster screen 3hopster screen


Hopster will be perfect to benefit yourself with your favourite sites or to download but keeping the same level of protection.

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