iOS 6.1.3: the end of Jailbreak EvasiOn

March 01st, 2013 - 12:00 pm ET by Mathieu M.

Until now, the EvasiOn jailbreak tool released by the Evad3rs team has continued to work despite Appleā€™s minor updates since the release of iOS 6.1. Unfortunately, the road will end with the deployment of iOS 6.1.3

The Evad3rs hacking team created a sensation when they released their tool that allowed an untethered iOS 6.1 device to be jailbroken, opening up options on Apple’s most recent devices.

evasionThis jailbreak took its time to be released due to development problems trying to adapt it to Apple, with their iOS system blocking the faults that were previously used to unlock the device.

A few concerns as to the life span of the tool have so far been averted despite Apple’s minor update releases. These updates were released in a hurry to correct bugs in the reception of 3G and the overheating and Exchange synchronisation issues, but the next update will end Evasi0n’s jailbreak.

In a press release, Planetbeing – one of the hackers behind the jailbreak tool indicated that Apple had finally corrected one of the faults exploited by the Jailbreak program. The hackers previously indicated that the Jailbreak was based on the use of multiple faults, but it seems that one of them was key to the operation of the break.

Worse still, the hacker indicates that while it is potentially possible to exploit different faults to achieve a Jailbreak solution, Apple will continue to correct the faults until the operation become impossible.

Evasi0n’s Jailbreak tool will therefore end here, with the last version that can be hacked being iOS 6.1.2. Apple will already be working on iOS 7, and once this becomes available the hackers will start their work again.

Source : Cnet
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