iPhone 4S: create your own Siri voice commands

November 21st, 2011 - 10:42 am ET by C. D.

Now that Siri’s communications protocol has been explored, practical applications which extend Siri’s possibilities are starting to emerge… like controlling the houses thermostat.

iOS Siri logoBy unveiling the data exchange mechanism between the iPhone 4S’ Siri voice commands system and Apple’s servers which handle the processing, French company Applidium has opened the way for applications which take the systems possibilities in a completely new direction.

The developer plamoni has also created the Siri Proxy, an intermediary server for Siri with it being possible to create new voice commands for particular services. These commands can then be used from a non-jailbroken iPhone 4S (but not on versions transported to other iOS devices, or at least not for the moment, as authentication steps are required to access Apple’s servers).

Plamoni has also demonstrated Siri Proxy by implementing a thermostat control for his house. He simply needs to take to Siri to find out the temperature, and even program the heating settings as his houses heating is Wi-Fi compatible.

Siri Proxy also allows you to install your own local server which calls on Apple’s transcription server, with it allowing specific commands that Apple has not previsioned for. This allows you to drive other voice systems via the iPhone 4S. The possibilities made available, notably around the house, are therefore infinite.



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