Jailbreak iOS: Cydia records 23 million active users each month

March 05th, 2013 - 09:40 am ET by Mathieu M.

The Jail breaking of Apple devices has never before been so popular since the release of a new tool that bypasses Apple’s security: evasiOn. Cydia, the application which automatically installs when an iOS device is Jail broken is currently used by 23 million users each month.

For people who have never used an Apple device or who have not yet succumbed to the temptation of jail breaking their device: evasiOn is a program that allows you to bypass the security implemented by Apple on iOS. When using the Jailbreak application, Cydia is installed. This is an application which presents a range of alternative applications which can be activated and freely exploited on a jail broken device, but which are not available on a standard iOS system.

EvasionCydia currently records 23 million users each month, with 14 million of these only being operational since the release of iOS 6 (which means that the EvasiOn jailbreak has been downloaded by 14 million users).

This information was shared by Pod2G, one of the hackers on the team who developed the jailbreak tool, with the information confirmed by Jay Freeman (@Saurik) the creator of Cydia.

To put this into perspective, in the first financial quarter of 2013, Apple sold 47.8 million iPhone’s, which means that the percentage of users who have elected to directly jailbreak their device is rather moderate compared to what Apple would have us believe.

And the number of jail broken devices could greatly diminish in the future as Apple has announced that they will be releasing an update to iOS (6.1.3) to correct the fault linked to the unlocking code, as well as the fault currently exploited by Jailbreak. In response, the Evad3rs team has announced that they won’t be extending the updates to their Jailbreak tool, as they will instead wait for the release of iOS 7.

Apple aura donc finalement réussi à reprendre la main de façon partielle sur le piratage de ses dispositifs. Reste à savoir si une autre équipe ne fera pas parler d'elle en proposant à son tour un nouvel outil pour relancer le jailbreak.

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