Computer keyboards cleaner thanks to copper!

January 16th, 2013 - 03:48 pm ET by D. T.

Using copper could help make keyboards cleaner. Here’s how.

A large number of studies have indicated that the computer keyboard is as dirty as public toilets, with it being a real hive of bacteria.

The Information Centre of Copper, Brass and Alloys is looking to fix this problem, offering to replace the plastic used with a copper casing.

According to the centre, copper presents very good antibacterial properties as between 90 and 100% of bacteria on this surface are destroyed within minutes – providing the metal with a good auto-disinfecting property.

Besides being ecological, it is also good looking and 100% recyclable.

Clavier cuivre 
An example of a copper keyboard

Other objects that are in constant contact with our hands could also be made from copper rather than plastic, like supermarket trolley handles, with 72% having traces of faeces on them according to American studies. Mobile phones also attract bacteria, with 16% carrying E-coli bacteria.

Source : GinjFo
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