Lantiv Timetabler: Create a precisely time management

December 25th, 2012 - 12:10 pm ET by Emmanuel
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  • Lantiv Timetabler: Create a precisely time management
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The Lantiv Timetabler program is very practical to conceive time management precisely, in order to help you to organise yourself better.

The program proposes to create a data base of your activities, meetings, classes, in order to fill them in and then all the schedule day by day very simple. You can learn easily the Lantiv Timetabler program and its time managing will be ready to print in minutes.


Lantiv Timetabler screen 1Lantiv Timetabler


Lantiv Timetabler will alert you if your activities are missed order in order to organise your time in realist manner. It will be very useful if you are at university o if you should organise yourself in different kind of meetings.

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