Multipass: Password Manager

December 17th, 2012 - 04:10 am ET by Emmanuel
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  • Multipass: Password Manager
    • Language :  frus
    • Size :  3.87 Mo
    • License :  Freeware / free
    • OS :  Windows Vista - Windows XP Home - Windows 2003 - Windows 2000 - Windows Me - Windows NT - Windows XP Pro
    • GNT Note :  4.0/5, 5 avis 
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The Multipass program is simple lively administrator which will allow you to keep your passwords in just one place.

Multipass logoThe Multiplass program allows you to generate automatically and randomly your new password, view them, print them, or even to follow the modification history, etc.



Multipass screen 2Multipass screen 1


This tool will be useful for you, because of its numerous internet browser and its subscriptions on websites, you will not forget any of your passwords with this.

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