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Prevent changes being made to the Windows desktop

This tip allows you to lock your Windows desktop to prevent any changes being made by unauthorised users, with the configuration saved when the computer boots.

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Prevent changes being made to the Windows desktop

December 28th, 2012 - 06:10 pm ET by B. C.

In numerous situations, it is a nice feature to be able to lock the Windows desktop configuration so that no changes can be made and saved by users.
For public computers (in a cybercafé, classroom) even if the user makes changes to the Windows desktop, they won’t be saved the next time the computer boots. This will automatically restore the computer to its initial configuration as it was saved at the time this tip was applied.

To put this in place, simply log into the session you want to protect and:

- Click on "Start", "Run..." and enter "regedit", and click on "OK" to access the registry.

- Go to the following location:

Click on "Explorer" in the left hand window and right click on "New -> DWORD value" as indicated in the screen capture below

interdire modification bureau windows -1

Then give it a name of "NoSaveSettings".

interdire modification bureau windows -2

Right click on it, select "Edit" and give it a value of 0 or 1 depending on what you want to do:

interdire modification bureau windows -3

0: disable this function allows users change the desktop and all changes will be kept

1: activate this tip so that users can make changes to the Desktop, but it will be reset each time the computer is rebooted

interdire modification bureau windows -4

If you are afraid of making changes to your registry but want to implement this, you can download these reg files which will make the changes for you (simply double click to execute).

Prevent changes being made to the Desktop

Authorise changes to the desktop

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