Problems installing Windows Components!

November 06th, 2008 - 07:53 pm ET by xytsrm | Report spam
I'm trying to install the "Internet Information Services (IIS)". I checked
the component and clicked next when an error message popped up:

Setup cannot copy the file staxmen.dl_.

Copy files from: C:\i386

Apparently all the files in the target folder are in the compressed format
(*.dl_), this is the same format as the files in the corresponding folder on
the original XP Pro service pack 2, CD.

If I try to skip the file, the very next file comes up with the same "can't
copy" error.

This presents the following questions: shouldn't the installer automatically
convert the files in question, or should the files be converted by some other
software, prior to installation and if so what software would know which of
the .dl_ files to convert for a given component installation?

I had this problem before with a different component and never found a

Does anyone know why the "Window Component" installer is failing, and have a

Any help would be appreciated,

Thanks, X
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#1 Leonard Grey
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Leonard Grey
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