Samsung promises a quick corrective to their Exynos processor fault

December 21st, 2012 - 10:02 am ET by C. D.

The fault discovered in Samsung’s Exynos processors has been confirmed by the South Korean group. They have promised a corrective patch as soon as possible.

Early this week, a security fault linked to Samsung’s Exynos 4 family of processors was divulged, with this issue allowing hackers to access smartphone’s memory. The issue has created a lot of reaction on the web, even though its exploitation in the form of malware hasn’t yet been detected.

Until now silent on the matter, the South Korean group has now confirmed the existence of this fault that is capable of affecting the Samsung Galaxy S II, S III and Galaxy Note II. They have promised to release a corrective patch for their devices as soon as possible. They have also confirmed that the fault isn’t exploitable by itself and needs to have malicious software installed that is capable of activating the fault.

Exynos-4Logically, they remind users that only legitimate download portals should be used for applications, reducing the danger of this vulnerability in normal user conditions.

Samsung states that they are directly monitoring the situation and will continue to do so until the problem is resolved. It should be noted that unofficial patches have already been made available from a development community.

Source : AndroidCentral
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