The Surface Pro available in Microsoft Stores and a few other retailers

February 05th, 2013 - 10:10 am ET by Mathieu M.

Microsoft announced that their Surface Pro tablet would be available on the 9th of February, and it seems that this date will be respected although only a few units will be available in limited retailers.

Microsoft doesn’t want to make any mistakes with the release of their tablet, reassuring potential users by displaying the Surface Pro in a few retailers.

A few shops have been selected by Microsoft to release their devices to the public, with this being a good way for Microsoft to demonstrate that their tablet will be available at various retailers in addition to their online site, a change to when they released the Surface RT.

Currently available in a few shops in the USA, no miracles have been made in terms of price, with the 64GB version retailing for $899, while the 128GB sells for $999.

Microsoft-Surface-ProBrooke Crothers, a Cent journalist has tried the tablet and has shared his thoughts on the test. His opinion is reassuring as he insists that the tablet is fluid and is adapted for the playing of content. The screen offers a similar quality to Apple’s iPad 4 Retina screen (despite a lower).

These comments are reassuring, although we would see them as "normal" when taking into consideration the price. Microsoft hasn’t provided details about when the tablet will be available in other countries, but often they become available soon after the US release.

Source : Cnet
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