Is there a way to disable or remove the "REPAIR" option through ORCA or Project Properties?

February 11th, 2005 - 05:43 pm ET by Paul Brun | Report spam
I am trying to findo ut how to remove the "REPAIR" option when launching the
setup wizard.

I have already done the ARPNOREPAIR and ARPNOMODIFY option which
takes care of the Add/Remove applet within the control panel, however, I
like to make this possible with the setup MSI file.

Any suggestions?

Please let me know.
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#1 Paul Brun
February 17th, 2005 - 11:22 am ET | Report spam
I just realized my problem.I was modifying the ORCA file after
installing the application
so I was getting the "Cached" install dialog.

My goal was to remove the radio group in general, so I did the following to
remove the "Repair/Remove"
option and default the action to remove when you press the "Finish" button.

My modifications also include limiting the Add/Remove Program properties to
show only the "remove" option

Property Table Modifications
1) Add the following: ARPNOMODIFY = 1
2) Add the following: ARPNOREPAIR = 1
3) Change MaintenanceForm_Action = Remove

Control Table Modifications
1) Modified "Text" column value ==> {\VSI_MS_Sans_Serif13.0_0_0}Select
"Finish" to remove [ProductName]
for row with values:
Dialog: MaintenanceForm
Control: Body Text

2) Modified "Control Next" value from "RepairRadioGroup" to
"CancelButton" for row with values:
Dialog: MaintenanceForm
Control: FinishButton

3) Delete row with values:
Dialog: MaintenanceForm
Control: RepairRadioGroup

I also changed the "All Users/Me" default setting to "All", but left them
with that option but that had no bearing on this

So, now I have accomplished my goal thanks for leading me in the right


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