Bug #1: Ubuntu’s founder thanks Android and iOS for reversing Microsoft’s domination

June 04th, 2013 - 09:10 am ET by Mathieu M.

The founder of Ubuntu, Mark Shuttleworth, has announced that one of the main objectives set for his OS has finally been accomplished: removing Microsoft from their dominant position of the computer market.

Ubuntu bug 1Mark Shuttleworth is celebrating the fact that Microsoft no longer dominates the computer market as was the case for a dozen years. The founder of Ubuntu is a realist though, stating that his OS hasn’t really played a role in the current market mutation.

It has been Android and iOS that have changed the computing landscape over the last few years – resolving the "Bug #1" problem. The Bug #1 issue was raised by Mark Shuttleworth with the release of Ubuntu in 2004, with it being related to the fact that Microsoft held the large proportion of the computing market, blocking the development of other OS’.

Almost 10 years later, the symbolic "Bug #1" has now been resolved.

Ubuntu’s objectives haven’t yet been completely reached through, as in 2004, Mark Shuttleworth believed that all PC’s should be delivered with completely free software, although this is yet to be the case.

Microsoft’s domination has finally been replaced by another, with the Android and iOS mobile operating systems cannibalising the PC market and computing sector as a whole, with these being a lot more closed than the PC operating system.

The locked boots prevent users from not only installing different OS’, but also software that they may want to use on their devices. In this way, the situation is even worse than when Microsoft controlled the market and was accused of abusing their dominant position by installing their system automatically on all PC’s.

In the current situation, sales of the Galaxy S IV are only available with the Android system. Worse still, not everything is configurable and it is almost impossible to install any other OS of your choice (this argument is also valid with Apple). This locked hardware is something that not even Microsoft did in their day.

While the fight with Microsoft transformed into a partnership (Mark Shuttlewoth assures everyone that it is today pleasant to work with Azure services), it is possibly also because Microsoft is now suffering from Android and iOS’s position.

Source : The Verge
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