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Presentation of the Wii and its games: Christmas before Christmas

London, Friday September 15. Its official, the Wii will be released in Europe on the 8th of December, just in time for Christmas. We will therefore present the details of Nintendo's Wii console and the first games that go with it.


Presentation of the Wii and its games: Christmas before Christmas

September 18th, 2006 - 06:00 pm ET by

15th of September, 2006 – At the London press conference, located at the Excel congress hall, a multitude of French and English journalists presented themselves (of course I was there for Generation New Technologies) to listen to the president of Nintendo Co. Ltd, Mr Iwata, talk about the release of the Nintendo DS. The portable console made its name due to its fast rise; this was mostly due its new dimensions, a touch screen for the game play and games that used the Touch! Technology. All of these additions helped contribute to the large number of people that purchased these, widening the general game playing public.

Since March 2005, there have been at least 6 million units sold in Europe and with this success, Nintendo can take comfort in the fact that it is the leader in seducing the female public towards computer games (approximately 44% of the Nintendo DS are purchased by woman).
This success also helped contribute to the healthy sales numbers for the “Dr Kawashima's Brain trainning program: how old is your brain'” game. This sold 700 000 copies in Europe, along with Nintendogs which sold 4 million copies in Europe since it was released in October 2005!

The director of Nintendo marketing Europe, Laurent Fischer, commented on this success: “Nintendo has always looked towards innovation to produce games and consoles that will please all age groups and experience. This is exactly what the Nintendo DS has done and it has brought phenomenal success. The Touch! Generations range allowed a whole new range of players to get involved by offering titles that were for everyone.
But Nintendo wasn’t happy just to site on their laurels, and as of this Christmas will launch a new series of the Touch! Generations titles so that they can try and enlarge their public, gamers or not. Women will also appreciate the Nintendo Lite Pink which will be available on the 27th of October.

After this quick feedback on past, present and future successes for the Nintendo DS, the show continued and Mr Satoru Iwata finally arrived to the part that we were all impatiently waiting for. All the details, or almost, were released about their new console, and there is something here for the whole family. We attended this event with some already excellent impressions of this next generation console and Mr Satoru Iwata confirmed our hopes. To start the demonstration he played a classic, a game of tennis from the Wii Sports series.

To be honest, this quick demonstration didn’t do any harm to Nintendo’s reputation when showing off the potential of the Wii. This demonstration actually displayed how Nintendo has revolutionised the way you play the games and here not putting all of their development time into the graphics and power like the XBOX 360 or PS3, they instead bring a new way of interacting with the game. With a wide variety of about 20 games planned for release, the console will be accessible to everyone, making the success of the Wii almost inevitable.
To come back to the press presentation, the Nintendo Europe website has also uploaded an article dedicated to the Wii. This is written in three parts, allowing you to discover the way the Wii was developed with a series of interviews with the engineers that worked on the development and concept of the Wii. All of this is done with an animated character of the president of Nintendo, Mr Satoru Iwata.

The Wii presentation

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