Windows 8 Updates to have fewer automatic restarts

November 15th, 2011 - 10:32 am ET by J. G.

With Windows 8, Microsoft has promised a Windows Update system that is less intrusive and will limit automatic restarts.

Windows-8-WU-1According to Microsoft, the Windows Update service assures the update of more than 350 million PC’s which operate Windows 77 and more than 800 million across all supported Windows platforms combined.

The mechanism has been deemed to be a little "annoying" though, mainly due to the number of automatic reboots for users that leave the recommended settings (automatically install updates).

With Windows 8, Microsoft is aiming to reduce the number of reboots required by indicting to users that unobtrusive updates will be automatically performed, with any reboots warning the user beforehand. This will help reduce the number of reboots required while maintaining the PC up to date.

To do this, Windows 8 will synchronise all reboots with the monthly security update delivered the second Tuesday of every month. "This means that your PC will restart while security updates are being installed which require a reboot". An exception to this monthly event will be the emergency release of security patches, although this is quite rare.

Windows-8-WU-2Instead of a notification system which can be annoying, Windows Update will use the Windows 8 connection screen to signal a reboot needs to take place in the next three days (to finalise the installation of an update). The power buttons displayed on the lock screen will be modified to represent this.

Once past these three days, Windows Update will automatically reboot the PC if required, although all care will be taken to protect the user’s data from loss. If the computer is locked, applications are running or if work hasn’t been saved then Windows Update will wait until the next connection.

Other details are available on Building Windows 8.

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